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Chers amis, dear friends,


We survived COVID closures and the employment challenges that followed.


We survived a massive flooding from an office upstairs, the whole year of repairs of the subsequent damages, and huge increases in insurance the claim caused, even though it was not our fault.


We never closed, throughout all these challenges we remained open with a few tables on our small patio.

But then, following the flooding, the building was sold...


Sadly, we cannot survive the huge increase in our lease under the new ownership, especially given the current inflation, much higher costs for organic ingredients and higher employee costs.


As we have always promised to you, we will never give up on quality, and staying open at this location under current circumstances would force us to do just that. We choose not to sign the unreasonably expensive new lease, and will be moving out. We were not even allowed to honor our Graduation events reservations in mid-June.


Thank you for all the years of support and unforgettable moments at this Westwood location, we will miss you all dearly! We will send out a letter once we have secured a new location.


Lovingly yours,

Chef Diego, Chef Irina, Tony, Andre





At LA TABLE DE SOPHIE we serve authentic French crêpes, the specialty of Brittany, France. Our savory buckwheat crêpes are naturally gluten free. If  you are not familiar with this French tradition, you can think of our crêpes as an edible crispy "plate" for our main courses. They are FULL MEALS! 


We also serve French food from other regions, such as Coq au Vin, Steak Frites, etc. We love to honor other countries' cuisines, so don't be surprised if you see Italian risotto or Russian Borscht on our Specials Board!


Our food is FARM-TO-TABLE and ORGANIC when possible. We are mostly GLUTEN FREE (not certified, as cross contamination is possible). A variety of VEGAN options are available. We will do our best to accommodate your personal DIETARY PREFERENCES. Just let us know!

We are proud to serve artisanal coffee from Caffe Luxxe, a local roaster.


Chef IRINA and Chef DIEGO use their combined international culinary experience and creativity to bring you the best daily and weekly specials made from the freshest available ingredients. 


LE BAR DE SIMON is a full bar that offers small batch production biodynamic and organic wines and spirits, as well as your favorite known brands.


Visit us at

1386 Westwood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90024

tel. 310-441-5384




Wed, Thurs, Fri




Brunch/Lunch 11am-3pm

Dinner 5pm-10pm



Brunch/Lunch 11 am-3pm

Dinner 5pm-9pm

Weekend bar hours same as the restaurant

Thank you for your support!

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