served November 26


and November 27, 2020

$ 69 pp

(please inquire about whole turkey dinners)


Includes a toast of French bubbles,

a hot or iced tea or Americano coffee

To start:

Butternut Squash Velouté (puréed soup)

To continue:

Free Range TURKEY served with sides of

  • Stuffing (home baked bread marinated in local beer, shallots, heirloom carrots)

  • Potato Purée (non GMO mashed potatoes with French butter)​

  • Yam Gratinée (baked with gruyère cheese)​

  • Hachis de Maïs Brulé (organic sweet corn basil pudding, turbinado sugar)

  • Salad (organic mixed greens, champagne vinaigrette, crêpe chips)

  • Ratatouille (organic Mediterranean veggies)​

  • Sauce Gravy (free range chicken base)​

  • Sauce Canneberges (fresh cranberry sauce)

To finish:

  • Caramel Apple Aumônière infused with Calvados, served with Pumkin spice Sauce



Happy Turkey Day and Bon Appétit !

Up to 30% off selection of full bottles of wine with Thanksgiving dinner 


Please ask about our gluten free options!